Limited Warranty

All products and mounting hardware manufactured and sold by Class Eight Manufacturing Inc. are
guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of
purchase. All Class Eight fenders must be installed using only Class Eight mounting kits and hardware. When
installing either a half, or full tandem fender, the centre bracket must be bolted to the frame and the fender.
Not securing the centre bracket will void the warranty. Removal and installation costs are not covered by Class
Eight. There is no warranty against the following: misuse, dents, impact damage, or washing with anything
other than mild soap and water. Please note, if you use a 14 gauge paddle on a 14 gauge fender, the paddle will
not be covered under our warranty policy, a 12 gauge paddle is required.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Class Eight offers a limited lifetime warranty on poly fenders. The 12 gauge paddle has a limited lifetime
warranty against cracking and rusting to the original customer with a copy of the original receipt from an authorized
Class Eight Dealer. Warranty is given at our discretion. Removal, installation and shipping costs related
to any warranty are not covered by Class Eight.

Minimum Order

All orders require a minimum transaction of $100.00.


Class Eight accepts Visa, Mastercard and pre-approved credit. All other orders are C.O.D.

Damaged Products

The employees at Class Eight take the utmost care in the packaging of Class Eight products. In the event of a
damaged shipment the customer must file a freight claim with the carrier. Shortages or errors made in filling
an order must be reported within 7 days upon receipt of any shipment.

Shipping Policy

All products are shipped F.O.B from Class Eight, Toronto, Ontario. Pre-paid shipments of Class Eight products
are at our discretion.

Returned Products

All returned products must be authorized in advance by Class Eight. Items returned for credit will be subject
to a restocking fee of 20% and must be returned via pre-paid shipping. No return will be accepted without an
R.G.A number, issued by Class Eight and a copy of the original invoice. Your R.G.A number will be valid for 30
days. Credit will not be issued for products that Class Eight deems damaged, unsuitable for resale or discontinued.
Each Class Eight customer is eligible to return 10% of last year’s sales unless other arrangements have
been made.